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 Frati “Sweet Wine Float”:
Two delicate scoops of your favorite Gelato in a fluted glass
drowned with Proseco or Brachetto
$8.10 Tax Included
Sweet Wine Float cropped

Frati “Affogato”:

 A single or double scoop of your favorite flavor of Gelato in a glass
mug drowned with a single or double shot of Espresso

$ 6.35 and $9.20  Respectively  Tax Included
Affogato 5

Frati “La Bomba”:  Homemade Lemon Polenta or Chocolate Bundt Cake
Topped with your favorite Gelato and Whipped Cream…
$8.10 Tax IncludedChocolate La Bomba best

Frati Coppa :  Three scoops of your favorite Gelato  and/or  Sorbetto
combinations in a frosted glass.

$10.26 Tax Included

Coppa 3 2013